Shelley Washington

Let's Make Some Noise Together

Like what you hear? Want to make it yourself? Scores available upon request.


Flute + Violin + Horn in F or Clarinet in Bb + Drum Set + Vocals (by instrumentalists)

Live performance at the U.S. National Archives with Wild Shore New Music in celebration of Seward's Day and the Alaska Sesquicentennial. March 30th, 2017.



For String Quartet using Voice + Body Percussion

The premiere of "SAY" by Schiele String Quartet as part of the Loud Box NYC "Playing Politics: Dirges For Democracy" concert. Held on November 4, 2016 at The City Reliquary in Brooklyn, NY.


12 banks, 7 Trains

Soprano, Alto and Baritone Voice using Body Percussion + Piano 4-Hands

Composer's Voice by Vox Novus presents “12 Banks, 7 Trains” performed Carla Wesby, soprano, Shelley Washington, alto, Brendan Littlefield, baritone, Markus Kaitila and Sara Bong, duo piano at the Firehouse Space, Brooklyn, New York, February 18, 2016.