Shelley Washington

Let's Make Some Noise Together

Music for Theatre

Music written for plays and music for musicals. A flare for the dramatic. Scores available upon request.

Music for Plays

We Run Away      (2016)  6’20”  Cello, Percussion, Piano - - - Written for the play “ORPHANS AND OUTSIDERS” written by Andrew Garrett in collaboration with Jackie Rivera. 

Dreamworld     (2013) 1'30"  Flute and Piano - - - Written for Joshua Reinhardt

Snow      (2013) 2'   Guitar duet - - - Written for Joshua Reinhardt



Radio Play Musical       

(2014) Mixed times (from 5’ – 8’ each) Mixed voices and instruments

Book and Lyrics by Joshua Reinhardt and Shelley Washington

         1.  “Mansion Made for You”

         2.  “Let’s All Fail the Bechdel Test!”

         3.  “Do It for Mama”

         4.  “It Means War!”

         5.  “Today is Going to be the Day”

         6.  “Put a Flag in It”

         7.  “Paid At Last”

         8.  “Just/Don’t Give Up On Me”

         9.  “Just Be Funny Instead”

         10. “The Death of Net Neutrality”

         11.  “Stay Out My Shot”

         12.  “Josh and Shelley Write a Theme Song”


“Is He Dead? The Musical!”        

(2013) 2:00:00 (including book) Mixed voices, Piano

Book and Lyrics by Joshua Reinhardt

         1.  “People in New Orleans”

         2.  “City of Our Dreams”

         3.  “You’d Be Better Off Dead!”

         4.  “A Lady Within”

         5.  “Hey Kid, You Can Really Play”

         6.  “On a Clear Night”

         7.  “The Suitors”

         8.  “Because We’re in Love”

         9.  “True Revenge”

         10. “Pushing Back”

         11. “Do I Hear?”

         12. “My Dream is You”

         13. “My Dream is You (Reprise)”

         14. “Finale (Epilogue)”